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21 Apr

Open Enrollment 2020-2021

  • published : 20, April 2020

Welcome to EduBlooms.  This will be your one stop shop for everything you need.  School news, school supply list, upcoming events, enrollment, etc.

Open enrollment for new and returning students begins 4/21/2020.  Registration ends on 6/19/2020.  By this date, all supplemental documents should be submitted (i.e. copy of immunization records, etc), otherwise your child will not be admitted.  Our new academic year will start mid July.  Please click on "Links" to see the school calendar. 

Be sure to check everything under links as we updated everything, including school supply list as well as rolling out and implementing new uniform policy.  

There is a $50 dollar application fee if you are requesting financial aid.  This fee will be waived if you register your child(ren) before/by May 29th.  So register now! 

Any questions regarding enrollment, please email office@almanarastl.org. 

Jazakum Allahu Khair, 

Al Manara Academy Administration