Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Missouri State guidelines for enroll in a specific grade.

  • Pre-K 3 (must be 3 by Aug 1) applying year.
  • Pre-K 4 (must be 4 by Aug 1) applying year.
  • Kindergarten (must be 5 by Aug 1) applying year.
  • 1st Grade (must be 6 by Aug 1) applying year.

Enrollment Agreement*

 Al Manara Academy shall enroll my child as a student in the school for this academic school year and provide him/her with the suitable
educational program and services as prescribed for his/her level.  I agree to the following:

1.  Abide with all the policies, rules, and regulations of Al Manara Academy including but not limited
      to the Parent Student Handbook, all Curriculum Guides, and the Discipline Policy (copies
      available on the school website). *

2.  Provide the school with all the necessary documents that are listed in the admission policy. *

3.  Fulfill all the financial obligations on time. *

4.  Pay for textbooks, tuition fees and other dues on time. *

5.  If the tuition is not paid on time, the parent understands that Al Manara Academy has the right to
      withhold the school records of my child. The records will not be released to any school until all
      fees are paid in full. *

6.  Al Manara Academy holds legal rights to contract a collection agency if the tuition is not paid. *

7.  Provide completed immunization records. Without these records, my child will not be able to
      attend school. *

8.  If I disagree at all with any policy or curriculum matter, I understand I must submit my concerns
      in writing and go through the proper channels with my concerns as outlined in the Parent/Student
      Handbook. *

9.  I agree not to show any form of disrespect towards the faculty, staff or administration of Al
      Manara Academy (i.e. yelling, aggressive physical contact, slandering, backbiting, etc.). *

10. I agree not to discuss anything about Al Manara Academy via email, Facebook, twitter, or verbal
      conversation in any way that may, intentionally or unintentionally, cause reputational harm to the
      school or any of its faculty. *

11. Al Manara Academy has no legal obligations toward my child before and after school. I

understand that my child(ren)'s babysitter and I are held responsible before and after school hours. (Please see dismissal agreement). *

12. I have read the Al Manara Academy Parent Student Handbook (available on the website) and my
      child and I fully understand the contents of the discipline policy and are willing to abide by it. *